Selected Recent Publications

Garden, D.L.F., Oostland, M., Jelitai, M., Rinaldi, A., Duguid, I., Nolan, M.F. (2018) Inferior olive HCN1 channels coordinate synaptic integration and complex spike timing. Cell Report. 22(7): 1722-1733.

Tennant, S.A., Fischer, L., Garden, D.L.F., Gerlei, K.Z., Martinez-Gonzalez, C., McClure, C., Wood, E.R., Nolan M.F. (2018) Stellate cells in the medial entorhinal cortex are required for spatial learning. Cell Report. 22(5): 1313-1324.

Schmidt-Hieber, C. & Nolan, M.F. (2017). Synaptic integrative mechanisms for spatial cognition. Nature Neuroscience, 20(11): 1483-1492.

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